Fortinet: IoT Attacks and New Evasion Techniques Will Characterize Emerging Threats in 2016

New Rules: The Evolving Threat Landscape in 2016 report is designed to reveal the new trends and strategies that FortiGuard researchers anticipate cyber criminals will employ in the year to come.
Fortinet said it researched these predictions to arm its customers with the knowledge they need to maintain their advantage in the cybersecurity arms race and proactively change the way all businesses look at their security strategies going into the new year.
The top cybersecurity trends for 2016 include:
– Increased M2M Attacks and Propagation between Devices
– Worms and Viruses Designed to Specifically Attack IoT Devices
– Attacks On Cloud and Virtualized Infrastructure
– New Techniques That Thwart Forensic Investigations and Hide Evidence of Attacks
– Malware That Can Evade Even Advanced Sandboxing Technologies

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