Cyber security skills gap: ‘Pay more and the problem will go away,’ says Reuters IT security chief

The IT security “skills gap” could quickly be narrowed by simply paying security staff more, according to Thomson Reuters’ senior information security architect, Andy Boura, speaking on a panel at Computing’s Enterprise Security and Risk Management 2015 summit yesterday.
Furthermore, he argued, organisations could – indeed, should – help ordinary IT staff to upskill so that they can shift into IT security, removing the need for organisations to get the security skills they need by recruiting so-called black hats.
“The real issue,” he said, “is there’s a shortage of budget to pay people what you need to pay them to attract them, and to attract people in other industries.
As regards to hiring black hats, Boura said he could imagine taking a “case by case” approach depending on the candidate’s suitability for certain tasks, with an emphasis on keeping them hands-off from the business.

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