Which vulnerability to fix first? Kenna Security has the answer

Kenna Security’s vulnerability management platform is designed to prioritize the most dangerous vulnerabilities that could potentially harm a protected network.
In a nutshell, it monitors most major threat feeds, and compares that data with assets inside a protected network.
That way, certain threats can be eliminated altogether.
Perhaps there are no assets inside a network that a popular threat can attack, or perhaps they have all been patched and are no longer vulnerable to it.
Threats are also prioritized based on their potential impact.
A client system with a vulnerability at a receptionist’s desk may not be as critical as a database or mail server with the same problem, for example.
On the flipside, Kenna can also elevate threats based on current events occurring outside of a network which could potentially harm internal clients.
For example, systems that are vulnerable to a specific strain of ransomware would be elevated by Kenna if an active campaign featuring that ransomware is launched somewhere in the world.
The first part of the Kenna platform are ten live threat intelligence feeds, including one created by the company that monitors new vulnerabilities found by Kenna clients.
That all happens with no user interaction required.
But the second part, which ties those vulnerabilities to real assets within a protected network is what makes the platform so useful.

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